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Every Website Design Has a Shelf Life…

That’s right folks! Sadly, today I have to share some bad news. Every website design has a shelf life of usability. Past that time frame all types of web designs require good or great change.

Your website stands as a testament to your company. Your website is often the first thing many people see. A web design that has gone stale ages ago can leave a bad taste in the mouth of people visiting your site.

Thus the continued process of website design and development. It is intrinsic in making or breaking any successful business on the internet.

Change is inevitable

How your website looks and feels to the user has a direct impact on your business. Websites are built for multiple reasons. E-Commerce sites are built to acquire new customers, while portfolio sites are made to showcase the work of an individual, etc.

A website is an online representation of the product, service or company behind it. Hence having a website that has an outdated design philosophy can be disastrous. That’s why change is a necessary part of the website design and development process.

Good website design is an investment that all digital-first businesses need to make. Failure to evolve to keep pace with the rest of the industry only means death. Faster online companies understand this rudimentary fact. They better perform well on the internet by taking good design decisions.

Embrace The Mistakes

In order to change for the better, it is foundational to understand the problem in the first place. You can’t go on fixing something when you don’t know what’s wrong.

Good website design isn’t necessarily timeless, but it does have a graceful decay period. Therefore, it is a must for a business to understand the design philosophy of its website. A good website is intuitive, it doesn’t tell what it can show.

Bad website design, on the other hand, stands out like a sore thumb. Outdated frameworks leave your website vulnerable to security threats. Old design practices like using neon colors, make your website look like it came from the era of dial-up.

Businesses must use web design and development services that keep up with the changing times and deploy new design philosophies.

Be Fresh, Be Bold!

On average, it takes 50 Milliseconds for a user to decide whether or not they like your website design. Thus, this leaves next to no margin for error. If your website isn’t making a bold and fresh statement from the very first click, it will become extremely difficult for you to hold the attention of the user. It is crucial for your website to present your company as a well-organised entity that means business.

It is the hallmark of good web design to be able to break down complex ideas and present them in a simple format. It is an absolute necessity for your website design to be fluid in nature. Your users need to be able to easily navigate your website. Users should also be able to consume content without any hassle, otherwise, the boon of content becomes the bane.

Anticipate The Next

The world of technology is constantly evolving. It would be a crime if you didn’t keep yourself updated with the newest tech & design trends. For you to stand out against your competition, it is imperative for you to stay ahead of them.

During the era of dial-up, nobody could even imagine that one-day websites would be dynamic in nature. High-speed internet fidelity has empowered designers and developers to create websites that are increasingly more complex and simply beautiful.

Mobile internet has tremendously impacted the process of website design and development. From introducing features like infinite scrolling to reduced numbers of pages. Hidden Navigation bars, dynamic video backgrounds, hover animations, etc. Have become inseparable from modern web design.

In Conclusion

It is important for you to understand that your website might not necessarily need an update ASAP. But the prospect of change is inevitable.

Not every new thing might be for you, but it is the innate understanding of the change that is needed.

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