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WordPress 101: Tips, Tricks, & Hacks

WordPress is an extremely popular Content Management System among experts and newbies alike. This cross-skill level of love for WordPress steams from the fundamental core of the platform. What is that core you might ask? Well, that core is its ease of usability. A website built on WordPress is easier, faster, and overall better when compared to the other CMS-platforms on the market. 

This ease of usability has attracted many people on the internet to create their websites, who otherwise wouldn’t have done it. For example, people like, fashion bloggers, artists, dancers, comedians, etc. WordPress democratized access to quality websites on the internet. 

The growth in the number of non-technical people administering websites on the internet has vastly increased. As a result of this increase, a new problem has arisen. Due to non-technical site owners not being well-versed in cybersecurity, they expose their websites to many threats. 

Out of the many serious threats, we will today look at the threat of spam. Small business to medium-sized businesses, niche bloggers, etc. can face serious issues, if their website crashes due to spam comments. Therefore, the ability to quickly get rid of spam comments is a must for any WordPress website owner. 

Hence, to make the lives of thousands of site owners easier we present to you a hack that will enable you to filter out spam instantaneously out of your website. The following points detail the hack: 

Step 1 – Log in to phpMyAdmin, select your site’s database 

Step 2 – click on the SQL and upload code given below in the SQL command window:


DELETE from wp_comments WHERE comment_approved = '0';
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