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Easy Steps to Set Square mode camera in Android [like Instagram]

With the popularity of apps like Instagram, incorporating a square-mode camera in your application is almost a necessity. However, coding a custom square-mode camera with precise image capturing can be challenging for many developers. At 42Works, our expert mobile app developers recently tackled this for our client ‘Krumbb’. Initially, it was difficult to get the calculations right for the square camera, but the end result was worth it. Here, we outline the steps to develop a custom square mode camera for Android, similar to Instagram.


To implement a custom camera like that of Instagram in square mode, we open a custom camera in full-screen mode. Now, the trick is to calculate the bottom view height instead of the square screen height. In our example, we have used an Action Bar of 50 pixels, so in that case, you’ll have to subtract that value too in your calculation. Read below for a detailed description of how to implement this functionality,

android square cameraandroid square camera

Steps to Employ Custom Camera Option in Android Mobiles

  1. First, take the custom camera in full-screen mode.
  2. Then add a view at the top of the screen with a height say 50 pixels and a width equal to the screen width.
  3. Then add a view at the bottom of the screen with a height equal to:
    Bottom view height = (screen height – (width of screen + top view height))
  4. Now, capture the image. The captured image is of full-screen height. So, we have to crop the image to make it square.
  5. For this, we have to crop the image (as told above) with a height equal to the image width. Now, the image is in the square mode.
  6. Now, make another view with a width equal to the screen width and also a height equal to the screen width.  The view will also be in square mode.
  7. Now, place that captured image on that view. So, the image will be in square mode like Instagram.

For professional help with implementing custom camera features or any other development needs, 42Works is here to assist. Our team of experts can streamline your development process and ensure your application stands out with top-notch functionality.


By following these steps or partnering with 42Works, you can implement a user-friendly square camera mode in your Android app, enhancing the photo capture experience for your users. Let your creativity flow and capture the world in beautiful squares, while we handle the development complexities behind the scenes.

Ready to take your app to the next level? Contact 42Works today for a free consultation! We specialize in crafting exceptional mobile experiences and are here to help you achieve your app’s full potential.

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