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DE{CODE} 2024: Deep Dive Recap with a Spotlight on WordPress 6.5 and AI for Everyone

The 42Works team recently attended DE{CODE} 2024, WP Engine’s premier developer digital conference, buzzing with fresh ideas about the future of WordPress! This exclusive virtual event brought together a global audience with a focus on WordPress development, eCommerce strategies, and the exciting potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Key Findings:

  • WordPress 6.5 highlights: streamlined workflows, new Font Library, custom fields for blocks.
  • AI theme: potential impact on content, images, SEO, personalization.
  • Broader audience: marketers, business leaders, website builders exploring AI applications.

Key Stats:

  • Global Reach: DE{CODE} spanned three regions, offering the 3-day conference to a worldwide audience.
  • Speaker Spotlight: A well-balanced roster of 46 speakers featured roughly half from WP Engine and half from the broader WordPress community.
  • Actionable Learning: Sessions prioritized practical applications, with tutorials, best practices, and deep dives into specific tools like WordPress 6.5 and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF).

WordPress 6.5 in the Spotlight:

A major highlight for developers was the in-depth exploration of WordPress 6.5, which is to be released on March 26th as the newest iteration of the popular CMS platform. The “Maximize” track offered several sessions specifically dedicated to unlocking the power of WordPress 6.5, including:

  • Efficient Development Workflows: Experts delved into how WordPress 6.5 streamlines development processes, potentially saving developers significant time and effort.
  • The New Font Library: Attendees learned about the revolutionary Font Library feature, allowing for centralized management and easy integration of fonts across websites. This can significantly improve design consistency and user experience.
  • Custom Fields for Blocks: Exciting new functionalities within WordPress 6.5 were explored, such as the ability to create custom fields specifically for blocks. This opens doors for richer content creation and more dynamic layouts.

AI in the WordPress Spotlight: Beyond the Code

Speaker: Zack Kass, AI Futurist and Former Head of Go-to-market at OpenAI

A major theme throughout DE{CODE} 2024 was the impact of AI on WordPress, and it wasn’t just for developers! Here’s a breakdown of how AI might influence various aspects of WordPress in the near future:

  • Content Creation: Imagine AI helping you write blog posts, product descriptions, or even social media content! AI can analyze your existing content and writing style to create drafts or suggest improvements.
  • Image Manipulation: AI could automate tasks like image resizing, background removal, or even creating new images based on your descriptions. This can save content creators significant time and resources.
  • Search Optimization (SEO): AI can analyze vast amounts of data to understand user search intent and optimize your website content for better search ranking. This can lead to increased organic traffic to your website. 
  • Personalization: AI can personalize the user experience on your website by tailoring content and recommendations based on individual user preferences and browsing behavior. This can lead to higher engagement and conversions.

Beyond Developers: A Broader Audience:

Panel session featuring: 

James Hall, Director of Partner Accounts, WP Engine [Host] Sujay Pawar, CEO & Co-Founder, Brainstorm Force Miriam Schwab, Head of WordPress Relations, Elementor Lesley Sim, Co-Founder, Newsletter Glue

DE{CODE} wasn’t just for hardcore developers. The conference catered to anyone with a technical interest in WordPress, including:

  • Marketers: Learn how AI can help you create better content, personalize marketing campaigns, and improve website conversions.
  • Business Leaders: Understand the potential of AI to streamline website development, enhance user experience, and drive business growth.
  • Website Builders and Extenders: Explore how AI-powered tools can help you build more efficient and user-friendly websites for your clients.


Stay tuned for information on DE{CODE} 2025! In the meantime, you can access recordings of past sessions, including those focused on WordPress 6.5 and AI applications, through the WP Engine Resource Center.

42Works Learnings:

The conference proved to be a valuable learning experience for the 42Works team, offering insights into:

  • Cutting-edge trends in WordPress development, with a particular focus on the new functionalities of WordPress 6.5
  • Actionable strategies for optimizing eCommerce stores
  • The transformative role of AI in the future of WordPress, applicable to a wide range of users

42Works: Your Partner in the WordPress Ecosystem

Inspired by DE{CODE} 2024, the 42Works team is even more committed to providing exceptional WordPress development services to our clients. We leverage the latest advancements in WordPress and stay ahead of the curve to ensure your website is not only functional but also future-proof.

Whether you need help building a new website, optimizing your existing one, or keeping it secure, 42Works is here to help. Contact us today to discuss your project!

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