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You click, you scroll, you… leave? Don’t let visitors slip away! A powerful call to action (CTA) is the bridge between website browsing and your business goals. Your CTA is how you convince your audience to act. For example, you can ask them to “Sign up for free”, “Download your guide”, or “Start your trial”. Your CTA should be clear, valuable, and aligned with your goal. Here are some tips on how to write effective CTAs.


Imagine a visitor on your website – curious, maybe intrigued, but unsure of the next step. A strong CTA guides them like a friendly lighthouse, pointing the way toward becoming your customer, follower, or subscriber. Here’s how:

  • Emails with strong CTAs see clicks soar by 371%: Engaging calls to action can drastically increase user interaction with your email content.

  • Landing pages jump 80%: Clear CTAs on your landing pages can significantly boost conversions, leading to more leads and sales.

  • Blogs generate 83% more income: High-converting CTAs in your blog posts can turn readers into engaged subscribers or paying customers, ultimately boosting your revenue.


Now, let’s dive into the secrets of writing compelling CTAs that get results:

1. Verbs & Emotions: A Winning Combo:

Don’t leave your audience guessing. Use action verbs like “buy,” “subscribe,” or “download” to communicate the desired action. But don’t stop there! Tap into emotions like excitement, curiosity, or urgency. Consider these examples:

  • Action + Emotion: “Unlock your dream vacation today!”
  • Urgency + Emotion: “Last chance! Get your free ebook before it’s gone!”
  • Curiosity + Value: “Discover the secret to writing killer blog posts in 10 minutes!”

2. Highlight Benefits, Not Just Features:

Focus on the “what’s in it for me” factor. Instead of simply listing features, showcase the benefits users gain by taking action. Quantify the value whenever possible:

  • Generic Feature: “Download our app.”
  • Benefit-Driven CTA: “Download our app and save 20% on your first purchase!”

Other examples of CTAs that highlight the benefits are:

  • Save $100 when you sign up today
  • Learn how to write a killer blog post in 10 minutes
  • Grow your email list by 300% with this tool

3. Create a Sense of Urgency:

Time is ticking! Use phrases like “now,” “today,” or “limited offer” to create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate action. Scarcity tactics can also be effective, but use them sparingly and ethically.

Some examples of CTAs that create a sense of urgency are:

  • Order now and get free shipping
  • Join today and get a free bonus
  • Hurry, this offer ends soon

4. Optimize for Devices:

People interact differently on desktops, tablets, and mobiles. Adapt your CTA accordingly. Use clear buttons, clickable phone numbers, and mobile-friendly forms for a seamless experience across devices.

To customize your CTA based on the device, you can use words that match the user’s context and expectations, such as “click,” “tap,” “call,” or “visit.” You can also use features that make it easier for the user to take action, such as clickable phone numbers, location-based offers, or mobile-friendly forms.

Some examples of CTAs that are customized based on the device are:

  • Click here to learn more
  • Tap to see the latest deals
  • Call now to get started

5. Test, Analyze, Repeat:

The perfect CTA doesn’t exist – it evolves through testing and analysis. Use A/B testing tools to compare different formulations and see what resonates best with your audience. Track user behavior with heatmaps to identify areas for improvement.

To test and optimize your CTA, you can use tools like Google Analytics, Google Optimize, or Unbounce to run experiments and compare the results. You can also use tools like Hotjar or Crazy Egg to track how users interact with your CTA and identify any issues or opportunities.

Some examples of CTAs that you can test and optimize are:

  • Get started vs. Start now
  • Red vs. green vs. blue
  • Button vs. link vs. image


A compelling CTA is a continuous journey, not a destination. By incorporating these strategies, testing, and refining, you can craft CTAs that convert visitors into loyal customers, boosting your business and achieving your marketing goals.

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