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Comprehensive Guide on How to make an NFT

NFTs, which are otherwise known as Non-fungible tokens are gaining popularity not only within the virtual currency industry but globally. People are going nuts about them and are paying a huge amount for these distinctive collectible assets. Lately, in 2021, Beeple – a digital artist sold an NFT for $69 million. Isn’t it crazy? It is, and because of which many people are enjoying multimillion-dollar sales prices by selling their own NFTs.

With the growing popularity of NFTs, artists might want to know how to make an NFT and eventually join the raging mania. The whole process of making these unique assets is simple and accessible, meaning you don’t need much technical know-how. This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide to making NFT art.

Making your Own NFT

Choose an Item

First and foremost, choose an item you need your NFT to be. If not, then explore your options and come up with a unique digital asset that fits best for your NFT. It can be anything from a painting to the meme, GIF, video games avatars, music, and so on but has to be one of a kind and not something that already exists. Because that will make it a fungible item and not non-fungible. Although this is obvious, it’s necessary to ensure that you have the intellectual property rights for the item you are converting as an NFT. You could be in legal trouble if you create an NFT for IP that you don’t legally own.

Pick a Marketplace

Once you have chosen the item you are turning into an NFT, it is time to choose a marketplace for creating your NFT on the blockchain and then selling it. To find the right platform for your NFT, you will need to do extensive research on the NFT marketplaces as they are all different in terms of features and pricing for listing. There are two categories of the marketplace that you can choose from:

  • Curated Platforms: Platforms like SuperRare have curated NFT marketplaces where only authorized artists are allowed to create digital art tokens.
  • Self-Service Platforms: This marketplace allows everyone to create their NFT with whatever they like. Platforms like OpenSea and Rarible fall under this category.

Once you have selected the marketplace you want to use and opened an account with it, it is time for the next step.

Set up your Digital Wallet

Moving on to the next step, you need to set up a digital wallet to store both your cryptocurrencies and your NFTs. Yes, cryptocurrencies are needed in the NFT creation process. Moreover, accessing your digital assets will become easier with a digital wallet. You can choose from these Top NFT wallets to set up your digital wallet, for example –

Choose the wallet you want to go with and then follow the steps to confirm the connection of your wallet.

Upload your NFT and Begin the Selling Process

The step-by-step instructions for uploading your digital file should be provided by the NFT marketplace that you chose initially. This is known as NFT minting, which will turn your digital artwork into a non-fungible token that can be sold. You can sell your NFT in either of the following ways –

  • Sell it at a fixed price.
  • Put up an auction.

In case of an auction, you will have to keep a minimum amount as well as a time limit till when the auction will be held. A fun fact, minting NFT on OpenSea is absolutely free. The selling page will also allow you to set royalty fees.

Now that you know how to make an NFT, you have to set up the sales process. Taking an example of OpenSea marketplace –

On OpenSea, go to your profile icon and click “Create” in the top right corner.

You will be directed to the NFT item creation page, where you will be asked to upload your NFT file, name, and description.

After completing the aforesaid fields, you will be able to customize your NFT further as well as you can place your NFT in an existing collection, or add properties, levels, stats, and even unlockable content.

After you are done with the process, your NFT will be listed, and other collectors can now be able to start buying assets from your collections.

Making an NFT is Easier than Ever Before

With the immense popularity, NFTs have made many people try their hands at making their own NFT. If you are also planning to create your own NFT and sell it, you will have to find a way to rise above the noise, for which we have provided you a comprehensive guide on how you can create your own NFT (where we did a pretty well job).

Therefore, consider the above guidelines to create an excellent NFT and you may thank us later. However, if you simply wish to dip your toes into the water and not swim, meaning you aren’t trying to make a specific NFT initially, you can go through some of the best and highly preferred NFT marketplaces and learn how each one works.

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