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5 Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns that will Make you Fall in Love with Them

Ahh! It’s that time of the year again. Our Facebook feed is brimming with hearts and cliches.

But what’s in Valentine’s day that makes us so emotional? That urges us to reveal our deepest and warmest feelings to the world?

Well the secret is, as Hill Harper subtly quotes:

“Fundamentally, we all want the same thing. We want to love. We want to be loved, and we want to matter.”

And what could be a better day to show your customers the love they crave and deserve. If you don’t have a marketing campaign planned for the 14th, maybe our list of these 5 Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns will inspire you to get in on some last-minute action (Pun TOTALLY intended).

#1. Tinder India: #SwipeRight

It’s Valentine’s day and this list would be incomplete without a dating app on it.

One of the world’s most used dating app, Tinder launched a v-day campaign for its Indian audience, #SwipRight to warm our hearts with little tales of love.

The campaign, created in collaboration with Terribly Tiny Tales, showcased tweet-sized love stories that will surely melt your heart.

Take a look:

This one will leave you with a smile on your face.

Hooked yet? Because we can’t seem to get enough of these love stories.

#2. Deadpool: The V-Day Marketing

If there was ever a good time to launch a rom-com, it would be February. But even if your movie isn’t about puppy love and happy endings, you can still nail cupid’s favorite day — just like Deadpool did.

Here’s what a regular Deadpool poster looks like:

best valentine's day marketing campaigns

Though the snarky superhero movie doesn’t befit the description of a romantic one, but a little photoshopping can add a wonder spin to your image.

Look at this poster:

best valentine's day marketing campaigns

That smile and the way she’s looking at him. PURE LOVE! <3

You see this poster and will buy tickets expecting a gushy-mushy romance. Odds are you are going to be a little (A LOT!) surprised by dialogues like, “You look like a testicle with teeth.”

And the part we loved the most: These quirky and hilarious faux-rom-com tweets.

Here’s another one:

We are sure whoever created the marketing bonanza for this movie just had too much fun. This campaign worked everywhere. Not an easy task, but shout out to Deadpool‘s marketing team for showing how it’s done.

#3. Doritos: Ketchup Roses

Nothing says love like a bouquet of roses. Even better, if they are made of ketchup flavored chips.

Apparently, Doritos have unearthed the tartest and crunchy way to say ‘I Love You’ for Valentine’s day: Ketchup Roses, which are actually made from real Doritos.

best valentine's day marketing campaigns

But don’t get too excited — these bouquets were only made to ship in Canada and are currently sold out.

Love hurts, doesn’t it?

#4. Sour Patch Kids: “Sweet Then Sour” Fan-Fiction

Sour Patch Kids, the soft and chewy candy brand, tapped on the doors of Wattpad, an online writing community, to celebrate Valentine’s day. To reach more of their teenage consumers, Sour Patch Kids collaborated with teen fan fiction writers to create stories about a “sweet then sour” romance (Please, don’t Google “teen fan fiction”. Trust us, it’s for the best).

best valentine's day marketing campaigns

The final result was “When Miss Sweet Meets Mr. Sour”, the tale of two very different high schoolers who love each other. All sweet, nothing sour!

#5. Dairy Queen: Cupid Cake

“Mom..he got me a spoon”


best valentine's day marketing campaigns

We women have been lying all along. No, seriously we are! We don’t want shiny jewelry or some gorgeous trinkets for Valentine’s Day.

Just as shown in this video by Dairy Queen, all we really want is a SPOON — the one specifically made for eating an ice cream cake. And if the spoon comes in a velvet case and fits our hand perfectly, watch out boys, because we are gonna lose our minds.

We are sure you’ll not find a better parody of those terrible, too-much-love-I’m-choking jewelry ads than this masterpiece from Dairy Queen.

Love is in the Air and Marketing

One thing is clear: Today, the V-day marketing space is not just ruled by chocolate makers, dating apps or ecommerce websites, but other brands are also coming up with a gamut of witty parodies, novels & more to steal away your heat.

What are some other adorable or hilarious Valentine’s Day campaigns? Yours, perhaps? If you are still confused whether to say yes to a V-Day crusade, 42Works is always here to help you spread the love.


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