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Automation – The Death of PPC Marketing As We Know It!

PPC marketing is changing and AI has a major role to play in it. Since the dawn of the internet, the Pay-Per-Click model of marketing has been used by marketers to gain traction in exchange for money. This set-up of paid marketing worked well in the early days of the internet. But with the constantly changing nature of the internet, PPC marketing is no longer the band-aid solution it once was.  

With newer algorithmic updates being made to the internet infrastructure, it has become a necessity to organically build your following. Rather than just simply buying your way out of the marketing problem. 

Today we try to understand how the dynamic nature of the modern AI-driven internet. We take a look at how it is shaping the future of PPC marketing and how it is going to impact businesses both old and new. 

Trust is foundational

Since the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal, the world of internet marketing has never been the same. The modern user is much more conscious of what ads he/she views and clicks on. Thus it is a must for brands and businesses to be attentive to the needs and wants of their target group. 

With the advent of automated PPC marketing, businesses can have a much wider degree of control and flexibility over their campaign. This flexibility enables businesses to prioritize people over clicks, thus leading to increased user-trust over your brand.   

Privacy is Paramount 

After the foundation of trust has been laid, businesses must work towards robust user-privacy frameworks. Ensure the user that his or her online data is not going to be used in any way he/she didn’t intend to. 

Many would ask; “with such high regard given to user-privacy, how will you extract user-data for better optimization of PPC marketing campaigns”?  

The answer to such a question lies in the integration of AI-driven automation with traditional PPC marketing. Businesses must adapt and overcome such challenges, by utilizing modern innovation. Google’s Privacy Differential Library is a key example of how trying to create a better experience for users is no excuse for unnecessary data-extraction.     

Advertisements that people like

The modern netizen is much smarter than the previous generation of internet users. For PPC marketing to work on this generation of GEN-Zs and Millennials, it needs to be engaging and likable. 

The days of generic infomercials are over, now the modern user’s attention is precious and he/she is not going to waste it. Creating ads on a large scale can be a resource-intensive task for small businesses. This is why they should use Automated solutions to meet their needs for videographic content.

The combination of human and AI can be a deadly package in such content-centric PPC marketing. AI will be able to analyze large data-sets to understand what the customer wants to see and suggest the best content renditions. Meanwhile, the human aspect of the system can manage the AI’s direction and deploy these content solutions at scale.   

AI is inevitable 

Automation and AI-driven solutions are here to stay. For PPC marketing to evolve into its next stage of growth, it is imperative for it to fully merge with AI. With the rise in popularity of alternative marketing strategies like; ‘content and social media’. PPC marketing has started to lose its steam due to its time and resource-consuming nature. 

With automation, even beginners in PPC marketing can utilize AI-driven solutions to yield great results. Automated PPC is a leaner and meaner version of traditional PPC marketing, its machine-learning and deep analytics gives it an edge over its traditional form. 

In Conclusion 

PPC marketing as we know is dead, and AI is the reason behind it. The internet is a far more dynamic place from when PPC was first conceived. 

Thus modern businesses need partners who can navigate the turbulent waters of PPC marketing with AI-driven tools.

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