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Anatomy Of A Great Email Newsletter: A Digital Marketing Company Guide!

Email marketing can be an extremely powerful tool that enables a digital marketing company to engage more leads and convert those leads better into paying customers. Therefore understanding the anatomy of a great email newsletter can put a dent in your overall inbound marketing strategy.

Here are the eight aspects of a great email newsletter that both brands and marketers must know if they want to create stellar email marketing campaigns. 

#1 Subject: Capture The Reader’s Imagination 

The subject line of crucial importance to a great email newsletter. Not only is it the first thing a reader will see when finding your email, but it is also the first introduction they get about the content inside. Therefore, a good subject line is one that captures the reader’s imagination and makes them want to open the email. 

how a digital marketing company can capture a reader's imagination


You must understand that you’re not the only digital marketing company sending individual emails. It is an absolute certainty that your newsletter is sitting in their inbox with a crowd of others. Hence you must follow the two cardinal rules of good email subject lines: 

  • Simple – You mustn’t confuse your reader as he/she with an information overload. The average attention span of a modern consumer is just 8 Seconds, so make it count & deliver clear and simple information. 
  • Snappy – Don’t bore your reader with overly completed subjects, make it to-the-point and keep it concise to reinforce the above point. 

#2 Sender: Make It More Human

The internet is already overloaded with products and services that you are trying to sell to your reader. Now just having a good product or service isn’t merely enough to cut through the chords of competition that already exist. However, you can still make a mark on readers if you take a different approach than others.

As a digital marketing company, you need to approach this as a reader and not as a sender. Think about it, in 2019 alone a whopping 2.936 Billion emails were sent to netizens all around the world. How do you stand out in this tsunami of robotic emails? 

How Digital marketing company should make emails more human

The answer is simple, you become human, make it more authentic with just a simple tweak of changing your sender address from generic names like or to more personable like a name of a human-like, or    

#3 Content Body: Individualize 

The content body of your email newsletter plays a key role in its success rate among your target audience. Therefore you must remember to use language that creates a humanizing connection between you and your audience.

How a digital marketing company must individualise emails

Showing the human side of a digital marketing company can do wonders for building user-confidence and trust with your brand. You can use your newsletter’s body content to personalize and to target each user to foster a sense of connection. You can use the following techniques to individualize your newsletter’s content: 

  • Use the name of your reader at the beginning of the content. 
  • Use the user’s previous activity with your product/service to customize offers.
  • Add context to your email newsletters make them more personable and not just marketing material. 

#4 Content Conclusion: CTAs Are A Must 

CTAs or Call To Actions are powerful tools for increasing conversion rates in an email marketing campaign. But to achieve this a digital marketing company must use them strategically and consistently. CTAs are so potent in fact that an individualized Call To Action can increase the ROI by 202% for a given campaign.  

CTAs are a must

To create better CTAs you need to orient them with the corresponding content and make them text specific like: 

  • Create urgency to the CTA by adding words like, ‘Now & Today’. For example, rather than just writing ‘Read More’, add an extra Today in the end for a ‘Read More Today’! 
  • Avoid vague & simple CTAs and add some zing to the words you use. If you are a fitness service provider, rather than saying ‘Start Your Course Today’, you can say ‘Start Your Revolutions Today’! 

#5 Peripherals: Use Branded Imagery

Your email newsletter acts as a great tool for reneging users who have been slacking for a while. Therefore the use of branded imagery is a must for a good email newsletter that leaves an impact on its readers. 

How a digital marketing company must use peripherals

In an email, there is a large playing field for a digital marketing company to integrate brand imagery. For example, the use of your brand colors within the email template along with the consistent use of your logo and tagline if any can work wonders for your newsletter. 

#6 Integrate Social Media 

Your email newsletter should act as a catapult to not only re-engage older users but also rejuvenate them. This rejuvenation can be done by integrating your brand’s social media presence into the email to enable the circulation of multi-channel user flow. 

integrate social media

With integrating social media a digital marketing company also enables its subscribers to better connect with your brand and engage with it more. Hence the use of social media can open the flood gates of potential leads as well.      

#7 Entice For More 

The email newsletter you send should always be the tip of the iceberg when considering your marketing strategy. A successful email marketing campaign is the one that entices a subscriber to engage more and hence transform from being a lead to a paying customer. 

Therefore your emails should entice the reader for more things to come like offers, special insights, content sneak-peaks, etc. The use of bullet points can also hone the message of ‘more to come’.      

#8 Provide An Exit 

Nobody and I repeat nobody on the entirety of the internet likes spam. The public appetite for repeated unwanted emails is next to nil as the modern consumer doesn’t have the time nor the interest to sniff through your hundreds of emails. Hence the lesson to learn here is to never be annoying to your subscribers with your emails. 

Nevertheless, you should provide your readers with an exit if they ever choose to let your service go. Even though our stride is not to let that happen, you can’t predict user sentiment. Therefore it is in your best interest to maintain brand reputability and add an ‘Unsubscribe’ button in all your emails.  

In Conclusion

The above eight points elaborate on the anatomy of what makes a great email newsletter that engages more and converts better. With the correct use of the above-given insights, you can also craft a Conversion Rate Optimized-email newsletter. 

But if the above task seems a little too much to handle you should let an experienced digital marketing company do all the heavy lifting for you instead. As with the right partner you can propel your brand’s growth to the next level.

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