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11 Useful Amazon Repricer Tips For New Sellers

Online merchants new to selling on Amazon will often make some common yet avoidable error. Below are some practical Amazon repricer tips that are worth considering especially if you are a new seller. The tips cover various aspects of doing business on Amazon which include setting up the account, product listing, use of images as per the Amazon policy and the shipping policies – Amazon FBA vs PAN

#1. Only Register One Amazon Account

As per the Amazon policy, every vendor is expected only to have one account. Being a holder of more than one account is a violation of the seller policy.

#2. Include Your Web Store URL In Your Seller Or Product Information

Selling on Amazon means that you have a vast customer base that makes around 2.27 billion visits (as of 2016) at your disposal. You thus have a significant lot of potential buyers who make a staggering number of visits to the online store that Amazon doesn’t allow you to direct to your office website unless you are doing paid advertising.

#3. Pick The Right Vendor Account

Amazon Repricing

In 2014, the number of third-party items sold on Amazon was more than two billion. Seller face two fulfillment options: the MFN (Merchant Fulfilled Network) and the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).

The MFN addresses issues of responsible shipping by all sellers while the FBA is where Amazon handles the shipping on behalf of the sellers to their customers.

#4. Give Accurate Product Description

Amazon relies on ASIN or UPC to determine which sellers are selling identical products. That product information is then availed to the customers for them to make a purchase decision. As such, post accurate details about what you are selling to help increase your sales.

#5. Use High-Quality Imagery

Sellers are expected to follow set guidelines for images as per the Amazon policy. All photo should have a high resolution and sellers to post a picture of the entire product done with a well-lit focus with a clean and simple background. The images should not contain words such as ‘free shipping.’

#6. Avoid  Promotional Angles In Your Product Title

Words such as ‘lowest price’ or ‘20% off’ within the products’ description are against Amazon policy.  Also, do not use HTML code, all uppercase wordings, or include symbols in the product titles.

#7. Shipping Issues

Amazon Repricing

The only way to enjoy the benefits of the Buy Box is to have good customer reviews. Customers making considerable overpayment for the shipping will have a negative impact on your sales and business’ potential to bag the Buy Box.

#8. The Right Pricing Matters

You increase the chances of making good sales and registering profits if you price your products right. Going too low or too high with the pricing will eat into the profit margins or cause the product to be unattractive to the customers.

Amazon has a repricing software that seller can use to price their products. RepricerExpress in one such software that allows the seller to set a minimum and maximum price for their product.

#9. Exceptional Customer Service

Amazon Repricing

Great customer service is one mandatory element when selling on Amazon. Note that the customer service has a direct impact on your Buy Box share. Monitor the prices and reviews as well as the shipping speed and the returns policy; this will help you maintain an excellent customer service.

#10. Secure Your Bank Account

Have separate bank account for the Amazon payments. Amazon does not require your bank account and credit card details or passwords; therefore, this information should be private and secure. Consider changing the password regularly to enhance the security of your account.

If you are wondering about tax issues for Amazon, then this post from VAT global on Amazon FBA vs PAN is a must read.

#11. Choose Repricing Software

In as much as the use of reprice software is acceptable, some let you do the all the hard work and then demand a cut of the sales. Avoid such software that charges commissions. RepricerExpress considers that unfair and thus charges a flat rate monthly fee allowing you to enjoy the benefit of all your hard work at the end of a great month of sales.

Take the above tips into account, and you surely will get your Amazon business off to a flying start.

About the Author: Stephen Ball is the author of this guest post.

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