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42Works, as one of the best digital agencies in India has evolved over the years to meet the ever-changing needs of customer services. We pride ourselves in being an one-stop shop creating online solutions across different business sectors. Our commitment to meet our clients’ expectations of higher revenues, easy cost-management and unmatched user-experience architecture ensures high customer satisfaction.

Anmol Rajdev

Chief Executive Officer

Words from our Founder

Six years ago, I started 42Works with one motive –
A workplace where quality work and excellent customer service can be a routine, and people can feel that they belong there.

Half a decade down the line, I am proud to say that everyone working at 42Works believes in our motto – our clients’ success is our success. For the 42Works family, quality work and client satisfaction are the top priorities. We come together every day to help our clients solve some of their biggest problems. We are always keen to learn something new, eagerly hone our skills to master present-day technologies, and habitually travel the extra mile to make sure our clients can have phenomenal digital experiences they can’t get from anywhere else.

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”

Our Team

A sense of belonging combined with our hard work and an undying hunger for creativity is something that keeps us energized and motivated, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Everything we do — every design prototyped, each content written and all code executed is intended to exceed the expectations of our clients and their customers. And the best part is that while doing so, we are not just gearing to grow and learn from the work, but also grow and learn from the people that we work with.

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What Makes Us the Answer to Everything Digital

Our six-step holy grail of working ensures that our clientele receive the best of everything


Before commencing with the design process, our team comes together with the creative concepts for a project. We idealize, filter the better concepts before sharing it for your better understanding. We move towards designing only when we are ready with something concrete.


To extract the maximum creativity from the brainstorming process, all the design criteria are considered upfront. While the modifications are made throughout the process, it is at this stage that we can visualize a glimpse of the final product before we put our hands on coding.


Keeping all the desired features and functionalities in mind, we get to coding or development at this stage. Through daily updates, you are kept in the loop with the latest developments to ensure maximum satisfaction.


At this stage, the code is tested and optimised on multiple test environments. Any error or bug is immediately corrected. We understand that unique code and thorough testing is half the job done, thus guaranteeing half the success.


On your go-ahead, we prepare for your product launch. The pre-launch checklists are filled, all last-minute tweaks are implemented carefully and with utmost care, we complete the deployment process. One final round of testing is done on the production environment to ensure smooth sailing.

Sign Off

The last and the most important phase of the process! We provide continuous improvement in stability, functionality, and support for the project. All the designs, code, credentials and technical documentation is handed over. Our clients are in love with us by this time of the development process.

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