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A/B Testing – A Mobile Application Development Company Guide

Data is the new oil that runs the world. The correct use of data can enable you to make better products/services and get higher conversion rates. But if you read the data wrong and make assumptions, it can lead to a great disaster. A mobile application development company especially needs data to fuel its development needs.  

This is where A/B Testing comes into the equation. An app developer can use the variable testing method of A/B testing to identify & rectify potential bugs in their apps. A/B testing works for both UI and UX elements. For example, A/B testing can be used for both core functions and design tests. 

With A/B testing an iOS app development agency can better streamline their development cycle. Moreover, an android app development company can also use A/B testing to test its products. The following is a comprehensive guide to the same: 

What Is A/B Testing? 

A/B testing is a User Interface experience analysis technique. A/B testing functions in a randomized method, using two test groups A and B. Both these two test groups are then subjected to user-interactions that generate statistical data. This data generated from the test aids in hypothesizing which test group will work better in a real-life situation. For example, a mobile application development company tests two Call-To-Action buttons to see which one performs better. This statistical experimentation helps establish a better strategy for the creation of new design elements.

Why Is A/B Testing Important?

Creating mobile applications is a long and tedious process. It is in the utmost interest of a mobile application development company to be able to fasten this process. Thus to archive faster development speeds, testing design elements beforehand gains paramountcy. When you know what works and what doesn’t, you make the overall development cycle more streamlined for faster decision making. A/B testing enables just that, with a multi-varied randomized approach to tests. Now an android app development company can strategize features based on statistical data, rather than hunches. With an ability to statistically analyse your product before launch helps you save it from avoidable pitfalls.  

How To Do A/B Testing? 

A/B testing enables a mobile application development company to build better mobile apps. If used correctly A/B testing can help you unlock unprecedented potential within your mobile application. But if you falter while implementing A/B testing, it can cause serious damage to your app in the long run. Therefore the below four points elaborate on how you can conduct the best A/B testing for your application: 

  • Decide A Target Variable – Any given application has multiple variables that require to be tested. For example, what should be the color of the splash screen, to how should the user-data be stored within the application. Everything from design elements to core functions can be tested. But to successfully conduct A/B testing, you need to zero in on one target variable at a time. 
  • Set A Goal For The Test – Many tests lose steam midway, thus set a predefined goal for your test. After you have picked your target variable, fix a goal that you would want the A/B testing session to achieve for increased clarity.  
  • Split Your Variable – Now that you have selected a target variable to test and also set a goal for that test, it is time you divided your target variable into a ‘control’ and ‘challenger’ set. The control set is the design element that already exists, while the challenger set is the one that you introduce to compare which one fares better. 
  • Select A Target Audience – Once you have completed all the above settings with the target variable. Now is the time to focus your attention towards the target audience. You must remember to use a target audience that most closely resembles your overall audience. Thus giving you a bird’s eye view of your entire niche’s reaction.     

In Conclusion 

A/B testing provides a mobile application development company with unprecedented advantages. It would be an extremely poor choice, if an iOS app development agency or android app development company do not use A/B testing. A/B testing not only ensures better products/services, but also faster turnaround times. With the strategic use of the data generated from  A/B testing you can unlock both high speed & quality development.

A business that wants to use their mobile application to build a credible brand must look at A/B testing. Another thing they should focus on is their development partner. A business that wants growth needs to partner with experienced mobile app developers to guarantee growth.

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