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8 UX-Supercharged Mobile App Animations

In mobile interfaces, exceptional mobile app animation enhances the user experience (UX) by feeling natural and functional. These animations offer instant feedback on user interactions, aid navigation, and increase engagement. This article delves into eight types of mobile app animations that significantly boost the user experience.

#1 Splash Screen Animations

A splash screen is what users see immediately after opening an app, usually displaying the company or app logo. While users expect instant loading, complex apps may need more time. The splash screen, devoid of functional elements, serves as an engaging distraction to make the load time feel shorter. It also forms the crucial first impression after the app download.

Apps with splash screens have a 19% higher user retention rate in the first week. The ideal splash screen animation:

  • Lasts 1–3 seconds
  • Is Fluid
  • Strengthens brand identity
  • Informs users of app loading
  • Engages users’ attention
  • Creates the impression of fast app performance
  • Indicates the latest app version

Cab on Tap showcases a clever splash screen design that seamlessly integrates with the logo animation. This creates a visually appealing and functional experience. 

8 Types of Mobile App Animations That Enhance the User Experience

Image source: Behance

The animation feels fluid, minimizing the loading time and transitioning users smoothly to the login page. It’s a great example of how a splash screen can enhance rather than disrupt the user journey.

Pro tip: 42Works can help you design a splash screen animation that seamlessly integrates with your logo and brand identity. We’ll ensure the animation is fluid and minimizes perceived loading time, transitioning users smoothly to the next screen.

#2 Feedback Animations

Feedback animations indicate to users whether an action has succeeded or failed, ensuring they know the app responds to their actions. This clarity enhances the user journey and makes the UX positive. Animated pop-up notifications, buttons, color changes, and field backlights are examples of effective feedback animations. 

In fact, Feedback animations can improve user task completion rates by 30%. The ideal feedback animation:

  • Is clear and obvious
  • Imitates interaction between user and device
  • Uses minimal text, focusing on visual cues

E-commerce platforms can significantly improve UX with feedback animations.  Instead of just showing a picture, animations can dynamically display changes to an item’s size and color. 

8 Types of Mobile App Animations That Enhance the User Experience

Image source: Dribbble

This lets users visualize the product more accurately, leading to a more enjoyable shopping experience.

#3 Onboarding Animations

Users expect intuitive UX or helpful hints when they download an app. Onboarding animations can provide a quick tour, highlight main features, and demonstrate app usage, making a strong first impression and encouraging continued use. As such, effective onboarding can increase user retention by up to 50%.

The ideal onboarding animation:

  • Provides a quick app tour
  • Highlights key features
  • Demonstrates usage steps
  • Is easy to understand
8 Types of Mobile App Animations That Enhance the User Experience

Image source: Dribbble

This onboarding animation delivers a seamless user experience. It combines beautiful design with a clear walkthrough, showcasing how the app’s features work together naturally. Familiar icons make the process intuitive from the start.

#4 Navigation Animations

Minimalist design trends often hide navigation elements. Animation can reveal these elements smoothly, clarifying complex hierarchies and making the UI intuitive. Animated navigation elements show users where to find features.

The ideal navigation animation:

  • Smoothly transitions between contexts
  • Facilitates in-app navigation
  • Uses familiar icons over text

Many apps keep extensive functionality hidden until needed. Take Pinterest, for example, where holding down a post unlocks a hidden menu.

8 Types of Mobile App Animations That Enhance the User Experience

Image source: Dribbble

This animation showcases a similar approach, using a circular menu to reveal three key interaction options with a simple tap and hold. The animation itself cleverly draws attention to the hidden menu with a bright circle, making it easy for users to discover these additional features.

#5 Animated Progress Indicators

For actions that take time, progress indicators show the app is running smoothly. These animations, familiar with downloading files or processing data, inform users of ongoing activities and reduce perceived wait time.

The ideal progress indicator:

  • Informs users of progress
  • Entertains or calms during the wait
  • Has potential for virality (e.g., Google Chrome’s offline dinosaur)

A key principle in UX design is keeping users informed about the app’s status. This animation perfectly embodies that principle. While the wait time might be unavoidable, the animation makes it enjoyable! 

8 Types of Mobile App Animations That Enhance the User Experience

Image source: Dribbble

It provides clear information on remaining time and progress, keeping users engaged and informed.  This is a great example of how to transform a wait time into a positive user experience.

#6 Visual Hints

Animated visual hints bring previews to life and can clarify icon functions without captions. They are essential in gesture-driven apps to guide users through the interface.

The ideal visual hint:

  • Explains app usage
  • Is basic and clear
  • Appears on demand

Tinder’s innovative swipe mechanic revolutionized the world of dating apps. But how do you teach users this new way of interacting?  Tinder’s developers cleverly went beyond simply adding “like” and “dislike” buttons. 

8 Types of Mobile App Animations That Enhance the User Experience

Image source: YouTube

They made the swiping action itself informative by animating “LIKE” and “NOPE” stickers onto the profiles. This intuitive design element helps users understand the app’s core functionality instantly.

#7 Animated Transitions

Transitions make interactions smooth and add fun to the interface. They help users follow their journey within the app and understand layout changes, making the UI more appealing and less cluttered.

The ideal animated transition:

  • Smooths screen-to-screen navigation
  • Visualizes app changes
  • Highlights connections between elements
  • Feels fluid and natural

The search function in this app takes realism to a whole new level. Smooth transitions between search options and the iconic orange Nike boxes create a truly immersive user experience. 

8 Types of Mobile App Animations That Enhance the User Experience

Image source: Dribbble


#8 Marketing Animations

Animating branding elements like logos or mascots can grab attention and entertain users. These animations increase brand awareness and make loading times more enjoyable.

The ideal marketing animation:

  • Is bright and catchy
  • Is memorable
  • Boosts brand awareness
  • Appeals to the target audience

This animated logo speaks for itself. It’s a captivating example that embodies all the benefits of well-designed animation: eye-catching, memorable, and perfect for boosting brand awareness.

8 Types of Mobile App Animations That Enhance the User Experience

Image source: Dribbble

Final Thoughts

Great animations make mobile apps feel complete and flawless. They enhance usability, create an intuitive UX, and meet growing user expectations. By incorporating well-designed mobile app animations, you can significantly improve user satisfaction and engagement.

However, creating these animations requires expertise in both design and development. 42Works goes beyond just design – we’re a full-service mobile app development agency. That means we can help you with every stage of the app creation process, from initial concept and design to development, implementation, and launch.

Our team of talented designers and developers will work closely with you to understand your app’s vision and goals. We’ll then craft beautiful and functional animations that seamlessly integrate with your app’s design and functionality.

Here’s how 42Works can help you bring your animated app to life:

  • User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design: Our team will design an intuitive and user-friendly interface that lays the groundwork for effective animations.
  • Animation Design and Development: Our designers will create engaging animations that align with your brand and app’s functionality, while our developers will ensure they are implemented smoothly and efficiently.
  • App Development: 42Works offers comprehensive mobile app development services, building a robust and functional app to house your animations.

Let 42Works be your one-stop shop for creating a mobile app that is not only functional but also visually stunning and engaging. Contact us today to discuss your project and see how we can help you transform your app idea into a reality.


Q1: Why are mobile app animations important for UX?

A1: Mobile app animations enhance UX by providing visual feedback, guiding navigation, and making interactions more engaging and intuitive. This leads to higher user satisfaction and retention.

Q2: How can splash screen animations improve user retention?

A2: Splash screen animations create a positive first impression and distract users during loading times, leading to a 19% higher user retention rate in the first week.

Q3: What role do feedback animations play in mobile apps?

A3: Feedback animations provide clear indications of action success or failure, improving task completion rates by 30% and making the user experience smoother and more intuitive.

Q4: How do onboarding animations affect user retention?

A4: Effective onboarding animations can increase user retention by up to 50% by providing a clear and engaging introduction to the app’s features and navigation.

Q5: Can 42Works help with implementing mobile app animations?

A5: Absolutely! 42Works specializes in creating compelling mobile app animations that enhance UX. Our team of experts can help design and implement animations that align with your brand and improve user engagement. Contact us to learn more.

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