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7 Ways Your Website Is Working Against Your Growth!

Is your website experiencing a drop in visitor traffic? Not getting the quality and quantity of leads you thought you would? If you think these things, then maybe your website has turned against your growth! 

There can be numerous factors that may lead your website to have poor performance, which may be a result of bad website design and development.

To aid web design and development services providers and businesses to build leaner, meaner, and better websites to propel brands into the world of internet fame. 

Your Website Has Gone Stale

Your website is the cornerstone for your online identity hence a good website reflects its positives on the business and vice versa. One thing to understand about web design is that food is not the only thing that goes stale. 

Signs your web design has gone stale:

  • Bad Graphic design 
  • Heavy, Lethargic, and Non-Mobile Friendly UI
  • Outdated and unprofessional   

Web design also has a shelf life, hence what may be cool and cutting edge in web design, may become outdated in a year’s time. Therefore you must be careful to incorporate design elements in the website design and development process that either has a longer shelf life or maybe easily switched when they grow outdated. 

Difficult Navigation 

The internet is the greatest distraction the world has ever seen, hence it is no surprise that users don’t stick around for long one particular website. 

That is because of the nearly infinite amount of choices at the fingertips of the user. One place where web design services providers can optimize their designs by simplifying the navigation setup. Increased efficiency in navigating a website’s content can lead to higher user retention rates.

Lethargic UX

It is widely understood in the world of website design and development that a speedy UX can greatly help in converting casual visitors into users. To achieve a fluid user experience, special attention must be paid to different web design and development elements such as, ‘plugins, CMS, web images, etc’.

Nobody likes to wait for long periods of time. Thus if your website is lethargic and slow, it might reflect badly on your capabilities as a business. This also means that a robust website can help boost your online image to new heights.  

Backend Troubles

The backend of your website is equally important if not more important than the frontend design factors. The backend of your website houses all the mission-critical systems and subsystems that make your website work. 

Hence special attention needs to be paid to the backend website design and development. To test and resolve any latency, bandwidth, and functional design-related problems that may come up during a rigorous testing phase.  

Confusing Design & Typographical Choices 

Every website on the internet is the digital personification of the business, idea, or person it was made for. Hence every good website design has an intertwined message that it delivers to the users who browse the site. 

It must be understood that a website without a message is like a human being without a soul, it won’t be able to exist. Only those websites succeed that are able to deliver a unique and special message to its users. 

Thus during the website design and development process attention must be paid to the graphic & typographical design, usage to streamline the core philosophy of the business it is being made for.   

Lack of Firm Call To Action

As said earlier, the internet is the greatest distraction ever created by humanity. Netizens today has a nearly infinite amount of choices to choose from. Thus it is important for businesses to build websites that have firm – loud and clear Call To Actions. 

Web design and development services providers must pay an extended look to creating an intuitive web design that can better engage the user and give them a result Call To Action. 

These Call To Action must be convenient and easy, if a user encounters a Call To Action one two many times they will get irritated. You must provide your users with simple and easy ways to, ‘contact, get a quote, order a product, schedule an appointment, etc’. 


Now it is entirely possible that your website is crafted keeping in mind the best design trends, is using the latest CMS and has no problem regarding speed and messaging. Still it not able to generate the desired result that you envisioned it would.

This might be due to the fact that you have no utilized the life-altering powers of good content coupled with robust SEO to build your online brand. Good content and SEO practices must be incorporated right into your website design and development.

Our Take

It is our understanding that it is an absolute must for modern businesses to have their own online presence. Having a credible online presence is not only to increase your offline sales but also to open up new avenues for new business opportunities.

Thus businesses must partner with experienced web design and development along with skilled digital marketing agencies to aid them in creating a robust digital legacy.

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