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5 Ways A Facebook Advertisement Company Can Build A Loyal User Base

A Facebook advertisement company already has a lot on its plate when it comes to brand-building. Facebook, as a platform has seen a bit of a decrease in user engagement and activity over the last five years. As a result, the question arises how does a good online marketing company deal with such a slowdown?  

To combat the platform’s slowdown, Facebook marketers need a fresh perspective. A Facebook marketer needs to re-engage their existing audience. 

As a result of doing so, a brand can slowly carve out a loyal niche community of users. Therefore, the consistent re-engagement of existing Facebook groups & audiences is the answer to fresh growth. 

How Can A Facebook Advertisement Company Consistently Engage Old Users?  

A Facebook advertisement company has a lot of marketing tactics available to them. Out of all these general tactics, a majority of them are for new client acquisition, and not retaining older ones. Therefore, Facebook marketers must find a way to target older users. 

So, what is a great way to engage old users on Facebook? The answer is quite simple, with groups. Facebook groups have been a staple feature of the platform for a long time, and now marketers should harness their true potential.

The following are the top 5 ways you build a high-conversion loyal user group: 

#1 A Facebook Advertisement Company Should Establish Rules & Guidelines

Groups on Facebook aren’t a new idea. Closed interest-driven community groups had been the backbone of the internet in the early days. So what’s the biggest difference between the groups of the past and now? Today groups face more rules and regulations from admin/moderators along with the platform. 

This increase in rules and regulations isn’t without reason though. Groups with diverse members can descend into chaos and become filled with spam links. A Facebook advertisement company should take steps to make their groups much more open and friendly to ideas and discussion. The more your users interact with each other in the group the better. Therefore, the following are some examples to help you with drafting your rules & guidelines: 

  • Public decency and civility should be maintained in any debate or discussion. 
  • Any type of harassment or personal targeting will be dealt with harshly.  
  • Self-promotion and spamming are not allowed.
  • User safety and privacy is paramount. 

#2 A Facebook Advertisement Company Should Keep Its Group Exclusive 

Exclusivity sells, and the principle behind exclusivity is as old as marketing itself. The temptation to get something that is forbidden is extremely powerful. An online marketing company should understand and utilize this in popularising its Facebook group.  

To become an exclusive group, a Facebook advertisement company should close them to random users. As a result, you only give access to the types of users you want to. 

#3 Spice Things Up With Different Content Formats 

Your Facebook group is totally under your control. Now that is both the boon and bane of having a closed group. It is a boon because you can exercise total control and test and experiment with many tactics. But on the other hand, a lack of fresh/exciting content can become the bane of your group. 

A Facebook advertisement company should constantly update their group with new content. To keep things fresh and exciting, introduce variety in your content strategy. The following are a few examples of the different types of content you can use: 

  • User Opinion Polls
  • User Competitions
  • Memes
  • Infographics
  • Quizzes 

#4 Do Not Sell Directly 

The only reason new users will join, and old users will stay is if your group offers value. The consumer of today is tired of schemes and marketing plans. As a result, if you use your group as a selling platform rather than adding value, you will fail. 

A Facebook advertisement company must understand that adding value should be a priority. The modern generation of consumers needs to trust you before they click any link. Therefore provide value and build credibility before selling your product/service. 

#5 Play The Long Game 

Using a Facebook group for building credibility and engaging older users is all about the long term. At first, when you start, you are going to experience times when you don’t hit all your targets. Therefore, it is a must a Facebook advertisement company understands that groups only yield results when you optimize them for the long term.


You as the administrator must let your group grow organically with genuine discussion and debates. If you followed the previous steps accurately, then you wouldn’t need to artificially pump your group growth.

In Conclusion

Facebook groups can provide a much-needed boost to a Facebook advertisement company. Therefore, an online marketing company shouldn’t miss it’s chance and leverage groups. To fully harness groups, you must realize that there is a lot of room for growth still let in your old niche & users.  

A business that wants to craft a niche for itself on Facebook and build credibility, should definitely use groups. Even the best digital marketing agency would use groups for its clients.

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