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5 Surefire Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following Rapidly

Is Instagram one of your preferred marketing channels? Do you wish to attract more followers on social media? If the answer is yes, the following piece of content is just for you.

Instagram, the fastest growing social network with over 400 million monthly users, is very effective for business because it offers higher engagement than other social media channels. Most marketers admit that even a decent following on Instagram gets you the equivalent benefits of more followers on Facebook and Twitter.


Here are five realistic methods to grow a big following on Instagram:

Let people know why they should follow you

Most people simply say “Follow us on Instagram”, but that isn’t smart marketing. If you are really serious, you need to tell people why they should follow you. If you are promoting for charity, then let people know that you would encourage them to lend their support by following you on Instagram. If you are promoting your business, let’s say a health and fitness equipment, tell your visitors how it can help them stay fit and healthy for the rest of their lives. By giving people an inspiring reason to follow you on the network, you are increasing their interest and boosting your chances of being followed.

Collaborate with Instagram Influencers

Which Influencer is most followed by your potential customers? Track those accounts and look for collaborated promotional opportunities with them. Ask them if they will be interested to advertise a promoted post of your brand. Some Influencers would do it for a payment and some might do it in exchange of free goods. However, that depends on the price of your product as well. If its worth is less than the Influencer’s expectation, be prepared to pay them an additional fee to push your post on their timeline.

Showcase your handle

This might sound a bit simple but putting your handle on your marketing and packaging things can help you get noticed by more people. The higher the visibility of your handle is, the more are your chances of being found on Instagram.

Comment on other profiles

This is one of the easiest ways to get people’s attention. Of course, ‘liking’ photos is good but commenting on your competitor’s photos gets you more exposure than liking them. It’s all about getting more visibility by engaging in as many accounts as possible i.e. commenting on multiple people’s timeline. If your target audiences are going to see your handle on a lot of industry-related accounts, they are sure going to view your profile and follow you.

Tag a connection

Run an Instagram contest that entices your followers to tag their friends in the comments. This is one effective strategy to be seen by people who haven’t visited your profile at all. At the end of the contest, you will find that the results are far more impressive than what you thought it would be like.


Bonus: In addition to these, you could also try buying a few hundred real Instagram followers for your account from any of the trusted sources on the Internet.

Guest blog by iDigic.

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