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5 Logo Types: Which Type Fits your Brand?

In most cases, the first thing your clients or customers notice about your business is your logo. In simple words, your logo is just a visual representation of a company’s ideas and beliefs. It not only conveys your brand’s message to the audience but also helps in generating a loyal customer base. A lot of ideas float around what exactly a logo is. Well, this infographic is aimed to clear that particular doubt and introduce you to the diversity of the Logo World.

Logo and Brand Recognition

Types of logos

Brand Mark

Brand Mark logo


Word Mark

Word Mark


Letter Mark

Letter Mark



Combo Logo



Emblem Logo



Types of logos  So, now that you understand which logotype perfectly suits your business needs, go out and observe the brands around  you. We hope this article was helpful for building your brand identity. You can also get access to the full infographic by clicking here.



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