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4 Ways Top Graphic Designers Build Brand Identities That Stand Out

It might sound counterintuitive, but a business and a brand are two separate entities. A business is what does the work, i.e. production, development, selling, etc. A brand, on the other hand, is the perception of a business in the minds of the people. 

Businesses both big and small, take the help of graphic design services, logo designers, branding experts, etc. to craft a brand narrative. This narrative is what marketers feed to the people for the growth of a business. Therefore building a robust brand narrative is essential for the creation of a business identity that stands out. 

In this article, we will focus on the graphic aspect of the multifactorial process of brand-building. To understand how the top graphic designers of the world craft brand identities that capture the imagination of people!

How The Top Graphic Designers Shape Identities

“Visuals are the most potent weapon of persuasion.” – Since before the dawn of civilization, humanity has used visuals (symbols, paintings, etc.) to communicate ideas. As a result, graphic imagery has an evolutionary advantage in impacting people’s choices.  

In today’s consumer-driven world, the above conclusion gives graphic design services providers great power. To understand the power top graphic designers hold in brand-building, we need to go inside their creative process. The following four points elaborate on the four pillars of graphic brand-building: 

#1 Top Graphic Designers Look At The World Differently  

The prime thing that the top graphic designers of the world do is approaching the idea of design differently. Far too many people think that design is about colors, graphic quality, shapes, etc., what a majority of people don’t realize is that all those are just peripherals. The emotions that the designs invoke are fundamental while providing graphic design services

A good graphic designer will first try to understand what a business stands for before creating anything. A designer by knowing the motivations, processes, and value-system of a company, can build a brand that reflects the business’s core. Every business has a story to tell, a good designer is the one who becomes the conduit for that story. 

#2 Top Graphic Designers Understands People’s Needs & Wants

Your business can have the best brand story, but it would not matter if it was told to the wrong people. The top graphic designers take their time to study the target demographic of a business. The act of understanding people’s needs and desires is crucial to figure out the correct use of design philosophies and elements. 

For example, a children’s clothing business’s target demographic would not relate to or connect with statements of high-fashion. The use and emphasis on comfort, safety, and dexterity will much better engage their young and parental demographics.  

#3 A Good Story Is Told Time & Again

Crafting and telling a great brand story is just half the work. Consistently re-telling this story across multiple channels is the essential other half. Building a memorable brand-identity from ground-up is a tough task. The top graphic designers achieve this by creating a consistent design narrative. 

When a user/customer repeatedly comes across your business, with the same brand colors, typographic, aesthetic, etc. in both online and offline worlds creates a unified brand identity. To build a unified brand narrative graphic design services providers will focus on the following areas of corporate identity: 

  • Web design
  • Print marketing material 
  • Visiting/Business cards
  • Billboard banners
  • Social media

#4 A Great Story Has A Great Beginning

All great businesses with brilliant brand identities have built consistent stories. For example, Coca Cola, as a company has had the same iconic brand colors and overall-design philosophy since its foundation. Choosing the right design philosophy and sticking with it is critical when building a brand identity that lasts.   

top graphic designers tell stories with their designs

All top graphic designers understand this principle, which is why you should always think about your branding from day one. The foundation of a captivating brand story is laid since the very first day of its existence. Businesses should invest in the present to secure a better and more stable future. 

In Conclusion 

The word is constantly evolving and changing, thus creating new opportunities and opening new challenges. The modern consumer is far more ruthless on businesses’ brand identities than their predecessors. As a result, the building and maintenance of a brand has become much more difficult.   

Businesses should partner with top graphic designers and experienced design agencies to help them navigate the ever-changing world of corporate branding.

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