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2020 Design Trends An iOS App Development Agency Needs To Know!

The global iOS ecosystem is changing at a break-neck pace. Businesses that can’t keep up with this continuous evolution are bound to be left behind. Only an iOS app development agency that takes advantage of this change will see an exponential rise in growth. 

So naturally, the question arises, what can an app development agency do to keep pace? The answer is to keep your eyes and ears open and anticipate trends. With the new year now two months old, this is the right time to focus on 2020 trends that will lead the industry.  

Empowered with the knowledge of these new development trends, a mobile application development company can better prepare themselves. Now not only meet the expectation of your clients but go beyond and exceed them with these trends. 

5 Trends For An iOS App Development Agency

With the advent of the year, 2020 many things have become clear. Many critical technologies that were in their infancy like, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, IoT, etc. have matured. Now it is the time to go full steam ahead and integrate these technologies. An iOS app development agency should integrate these technologies into their design and development process. 

The following are the five trends than an iOS mobile application development company needs to know: 

iOS App Development Agency Must use Augmented Reality

This trend has been in development for quite some time now. But until now the necessary graphic and camera processing hardware weren’t developed enough. Now that equation has changed as smartphones have evolved at lightspeed since the 2010s. Today a smartphone has 48 Megapixel image capturing and 4K image processing capabilities. An iOS app development agency should focus on practical real-life products and applications that use AR as a foundational bedrock.   

An iOS App Development Agency Must Use Wearables 

Technology has become more and more pervasive since the rise of the smartphone in the early 2000s. Today with hardware becoming faster and smaller it is possible for manufacturers to create wearable tech like smartwatches. In the iOS ecosystem, the best example would be the Apple Watch. More and more people today are using these wearable smart devices for a multitude of reasons like fitness, sleep tracking, etc. The time is right for an iOS app development agency to create products and services to cater to this niche need of users in the iOS ecosystem. 

Up In The Clouds

With the rise of better internet connectivity technologies, it has become easier for smartphone users to use the cloud for their storage purposes. Now no longer are you restricted by the tiny internal storage capacity of your iPhone, you can back-up your data on the cloud. Just like users an iOS app development agency can also use the power of the cloud to deliver lighter and faster iOS apps on the market. This development practice will not only enable a mobile application development company to cut development time but also cost.  

AI-powered Chatbots 

Today AI-powered solutions have grown from being mere gimmicks to actual functions. The modern consumer no longer has enough time to wait for a customer care executive to reach out to them. Today’s consumer wants instant solutions to their problems. Hence the rise of AI-powered chatbots. Not only do they resolve customer issues by understanding individual customer behavioral patterns, but they also help in increasing sales and conversions. An iOS app development agency gives their product a shaper edge with AI-powered chatbots.  

Focus on Security 

security should be the focus of an iOS app development agency

By far it is one of the most critical trends on this list. With the advent of the 2020s, technology has changed dramatically since the 2010s. Now smartphones are no longer just cool gadgets that can be used for texting and calling. Today smartphones are an essential commodity for modern life. Many people keep all their data in cloud-backed data storage like iOS iCloud. An iOS app development agency should make the safety and security of its products and services its top priority during its design and development phase.  

In Conclusion 

The above trends are an example that shows how an industry is constantly evolving. As the smartphone becomes more and more prevalent in our society, these changes are going to become more important. Today even the slight mismatch in user expectation and app reality can lead to disaster for an iOS app development agency

Therefore, it is essential for a business that wants to harness the power of the iOS ecosystem. To partner with a mobile application development company that is not only experienced but equally skilled.

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