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11 Best Mobile Apps to look out for in 2015

No matter how quick your latest smartphone is, there are only 3 things that will further boost up the significance of your mobile-

Apps and

Over the last few years, the Google and Apple Playstores has been bombarded with a number of free applications. So picking the app that suits your interest and personality becomes quite arduous a task. Having said that, there’s just one question left unanswered. How do you decide which application is worth your free space download?

Did you just say you’ll go with the Editor Picks?

OKAY! Even if you decide to go with the editor’s pick or featured app, there’s still a problem — There are too many of them.

With every 2 out of 5 apps being featured in  “Editor’s pick”, how exactly are you going to find out the one that caters to your needs?

For those who are serious about making their smartphone more interactive, you need not worry as we have the 11 best apps that your smartphone needs to have. From Games to Fitness to Food— We have covered it all.



Can’t keep your smartphone away from prying eyes? Worried about NSA privacy invasion?

If you want to keep your private data private, Textsecure is for you.

Now you can communicate efficiently, share pictures and stuff with you friends without worrying about your message’s trackability. End-to-end encryption is used to keep your communication anonymous. If that wasn’t enough, the application server too has no access to your messages.

Secure Interaction— GUARANTEED!

Textsecure mobile app

Zombies, Run!

Unsatisfied with your current fitness level? Well, then start running.

But, It’s too boring. But, would you run for your life? Watch out— the Zombie apocalypse is upon us.

Here’s how the apps works- it uses your survival instincts as motivation to outrun zombies. Pop in the earphones and enjoy as the thrilling story uncovers itself. Only way to die is if a zombie catches you. Running was never this much fun! All it costs is $3.99.

Zombies run mobile app


Well, Wasn’t that an amazing app? Now, If the focus has moved to gaming, we have two amazing games ready for you. Its time to move on, you have been playing Angry Birds for way too long.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley stuns with its serenity… each screen is a work of art.” —Huffington Post

Do we need to say more?

Sweeping away all the gaming awards of 2014, Monument Valley will take you to a ride of impossible architecture. Beautifully crafted 3D levels, the game will guide you to a stunningly beautiful world. What makes this experience more surreal is that the designs have been inspired by real world monuments.

Monument Valley mobile app
Quiz Up

Gaining a customer base of 20 million+ in its debut year, Quiz Up has to be the best quiz game ever. Ranked as #1 Trivia Game on Google Play in US, Quiz Up is a multi-player game covering more than 700 topics with 220,000+ beautifully crafted questions. To add to the fun, the game also allows you to challenge your friends online. From Simpsons to Games of Thrones, Music to Scientific facts— This app provides a perfect platform to master your specialized topics.

Quiz Up 42works


If you are a note-taker, Evernote is the perfect match for you. From short notes to lengthy projects, it allows to keep all your content organised at one place. With the text in photo also searchable, your content is now more closer to you. Available in both paid and free version, Evernote allows you to synchronize your data across devices.  Managing stuff was never so easy before.

Evernote mobile app
Money View

Worried about your personal budget? Unable to manage your daily expenses?

If answer to any of these questions was yes, this application is probably the best app you will come across. With Money View, keep track of every penny and that too without any manual entry. With Simple and Secure interface, get a real insight into your personal expenses. Organize your financial records and sense where the cash is flowing. Also acting as bill-reminder, the app works by itself to make sure that you stay above your expenditure.

money view mobile app

Who doesn’t love amazing food?

Good Food equals Good Mood. Don’t you agree?

With Krumbb, capture and socialize your amazing eating moments. The app has already created quite a buzz among the youth. Beautifully crafted interface allows you to spot and share the delicious food joints all over the world.

Krumbb 42worksFlipboard

Tired of organising your Bookmark Links?

Then, Download Flipboard. It acts as your personal magazine allowing you to save the stories you like. Easily connected to social media websites, All you have to do is click “+” button and the article will automatically be added to your collection. Flipboard is definitely one of those rare application that changes your life in a better way.

Flipboardn appCircle of 6

Imagine you are out. Late, Alone and Someone interrupts you.

Circle of 6 — This application is aimed to make the user feel safe in such uncomfortable situations. You get to choose 6 of your friends who will be informed of your location with an alert message. All it takes is a double click on power button. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Circle of 6
Mr. Number

Tired of receiving telemarketing calls? Are unwanted calls disturbing you?

Mr. Number allows you to identify and block unwanted calls. From an entire geographical area to as specific as a number, you can block them all. Moreover, the reverse lookup feature even allows you to gain information on the unwanted caller. But, Other app also do the same?

Well, It’s EASY, It’s FAST and It’s FREE.

Mr. Number mobile app


There is nothing better than adding the list on games. Is there?

We often see that novices go on to beat the mentors. Although such cases are rare, but are always worth mentioning. When application Threes was released in 2014, It was quickly dismissed as a copy of 2048. But the fact that game went on to beat 2048’s popularity self-speaks for the application. All you have to do is combine possible multiples of three. Simple and Elegant— It is a tiny puzzle that grows on you.

threes mobile app

Do you have them all?

Did we miss out something?

Obviously, we did miss out on applications like Dropbox, Facebook or Twitter. But, these apps are so common that we didn’t felt the need to add them. We feel that the 11 listed apps are like David who, if time comes, will kill Goliath.

Don’t forget to tell us about your pick?

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