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10 Ways An Online Marketing Company Can Use Pinterest Better!

Social media has gained tremendous relevance in our modern society. An online marketing company today can’t think about a marketing campaign without social media. For an online reputation buildup company to keep growing, it needs to ride the new waves of social media. 

One such wave in the ocean of social media is Pinterest. To see the majority of marketers often disregard Pinterest when building a campaign is painful, to say the least. Many marketers still see Pinterest in its 2010 avatar, a platform for niche hobbyists and nothing more. 

But today’s reality couldn’t be further from the truth. With 300+ Million Monthly Active Users worldwide and 200 Billion pins saved, Pinterest offers a tremendous growth opportunity. It would be a mistake for even the best digital marketing agency to miss out on Pinterest. Therefore we lay out the ten tips for amazing Pinterest-powered growth: 

#1 An Online Marketing Company Should Allow Search Indexing

When you create a Business Account on Pinterest you are provided with many abilities. One such ability is gaining control over search engine indexing. An online marketing company can use this feature to approve or disapprove search engines (i.e. Google, Bing, etc.) from indexing their boards/pins. Let search engines index your website for better ranking and reach. 

#2 An Online Marketing Company Should Create A Branded Profile

Many businesses make the mistake of not completing their profile details. No or limited brand information can discourage users from pinning your content. Therefore an online marketing company should build trust with a branded profile. 

#3 Integrate Other Social Media Platforms

online marketing company must integrate other social media

Social media is all about people. The more your users intersect among different social media platforms, the more your chances of engagement and conversion. An online marketing company should add its other profiles on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. with Pinterest.  

#4 Share Your Blog’s Content

online marketing company must share blog content

Your website blog’s content plays a critical role in brand-building. On Pinterest, you can share links to your blog’s content and create a funnel for driving traffic to your website. An online reputation buildup company can then use this traffic to propel growth.  

#5 Repin Your Older Content To Keep It Fresh

online marketing company must keep content fresh

Pinterest like all the major social media platforms runs on algorithms. These algorithms continuously keep updating databases that can result in your content being put in cold-storage. To keep things fresh, an online reputation buildup company should regularly repin older content.       

#6 Follow Back To Get Things Started

When you start a new board on Pinterest make sure to follow back your initial first followers. Once an online marketing company gets the ball rolling, your content gets suggested to more people, in turn, increasing engagement and visibility. 

#7 Join New Group Boards

online marketing company must join new groups

Users won’t always find you, sometimes you would have to seek them out. Joining existing group boards is a great way of finding and attracting new users in the same niche. An online marketing company should add value to the group they join, otherwise, they risk being called spammers.  

#8 Create Your Group Boards

The core principle behind this is very similar to the above point. After you have gained enough traction from joining and adding value to different group boards. An online marketing company should start their group board to redirect that traction.   

#9 Comment On Pins

online marketing company must comment on pins

Social media is all about engaging and connecting with others, and Pinterest is no different. An online reputation buildup company raises its chances of being found out by commenting on popular pins on the platform. 

#10 Name That Stands Out

The names you give to your boards must be catchy and attractive. These names are often the primary or the second thing a Pinterest user sees. Thus making a stellar impression is important for an online marketing company

Concluding Thoughts 

Empowered with the above growth tips an online marketing company can ensure robust growth on Pinterest. Thriving on an image-centric social media platform like Instagram and Pinterest takes time and effort. But once you make it, the reward is worth the hustle.

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