Visual Storytelling: The new ‘fuel’ to power your Social Media ride

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8 seconds…is all you get to capture your potential customers’ attention before they scroll away. So how can your brand get more love, more customers, and more conversations in such a short time?

Visual Storytelling. That’s how!

Science has always told us that our noggins are wired to love images and colorful patterns. Almost half of our brain is involved in visual processing, interpreting oculars in less than 1/10th of a second.

And you know what else our brain loves? Stories! Yep, it isn’t just your brain that can’t help organise every information into a narrative.

Now combine that narrative effect with brain-engaging visuals, and you are guaranteed to extend your content’s reach and bring potential customers on board.

With this infographic, we are about to introduce you to ways you can drive visual storytelling into your marketing journey.

3….2….1…Let’s go!

42Works infographic - Visual storytelling


About Kavita Arora

A music lover with passion for colors, Kavita is keen to change the world one design at a time. Her greatest source of design inspiration is a shopping trip. Aside from painting the 'internet' town red, she likes to binge on street food and watch a Salman Khan movie.

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  1. Rahul_K says:

    Great graphics. Flows like a story. And its is true, visual storytelling is the future of social media.

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