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Posted on November 8, 2020

How To Build Your Own Restaurant Website: A Complete Guide

With the advent of internet-enabled technologies, the crux of consumer experience starts even before the client enters your establishment. Today, customers may decide to visit or not to visit your restaurant solely based on their website’s online presence. Ergo, creating your own online food ordering platform, is quintessential for the success of your restaurant business. 

But how do you create a website that is not only visually appealing but also functionally robust? The answer is simple, yet not so easy. Here we have the five fundamentals of the things you need to create a great website for your restaurant. 

The 5 Step Checklist You Need To Create Your Own Restaurant Website’s Online Food Ordering Platform 

Your restaurant website is the cornerstone of your business’s online brand identity. While a good website can catapult your restaurant’s brand, a bad one can wreak havoc on it. Hence it is a must that you understand how to develop a good website for your business. 

Here is the five-step checklist that must follow to create great restaurant websites: 

#1 Figure Out The “Why” Behind Your Website/Online Food Ordering Platform  

The first question that you must ask yourself before creating your restaurant website is, why do you need one? You must understand that a website is your restaurant’s online presence, how it looks and feels will have a direct impact on your brand reputation. Therefore you must be very clear with the type of brand message you want to send out with your online presence.

how to create your own food ordering platform

For example, a restaurant website can vary from being a full-fledged online food ordering & delivery platform to being a brochure site for your marketing. To create a website that is best optimized to suit your needs, you first have to identify your wants and needs. 

If you are looking for a website that will rejuvenate your existing restaurant with digital re-engagement, then you’d have a different design approach. While if you are looking to grow your new business and capture market share you’d need a different approach to get customers hooked.  

#2 Wireframe Your Ideas Into Prototypes  

Ideating, designing, and developing your restaurant website is a tough endeavor to embark upon. So how do you make sure that your website turns out to be the best and nothing but the best? You must wireframe and create prototypes of your website’s design and conduct thorough A/B testing to ensure a robust website. 

how to create your own food ordering platform

Having had the experience of working with countless great restaurants over the world, here are ‘our’ design suggestions that you must incorporate into your website’s design & development: 

  • Simplify Online Ordering – Declutter the online food ordering experience for your customer by simplifying how you browse, select, and checkout on your website.  
  • Integrate Geo-tagging & Location – Allow your potential customers to find your physical location with ease. Enable location geo-tagging and integrate online map solutions like Google Maps onto your website. 
  • Open A Direct Line of Communication – Enable your customers to reach you directly with their grievances. Create a robust issue resolution channel with the help of a robust restaurant management system
  • Embed Social Media – Social media has become all-pervasive, if you want to generate traffic and leads, then you need to take advantage of social media. Hence its integration into your website becomes non-negotiable. 
  • Tell A Story – People love a brand with a resolute story behind it, ergo it is important that you create an informative About Us page to help your potential customers connect with your brand better. 

#3 Create Your Website’s Structure For Optimal Usability 

Now that you know what you should have on your website, you must also understand how to structure them into your overall design. You need to create your website’s data into a structure that declutters navigation, makes ordering seamless and enables conversions. 

how to create your own food ordering platform

Always remember the KISS or Keep It Straight & Simple principle of design when creating your website’s structure. Your primary goal must be to achieve all your design objectives as efficiently & effectively as possible. The easier to understand and straightforward your user-interface is, the better for the end-user. 

While you must strive to keep things simple, don’t forget to add zest into your designs to punch your website. You want your users to be mesmerized by your website. Hence you should strike a balance between need & desire. 

#4 Utilize Graphics To Your Advantage 

Human beings have evolved into visual beings whose primary sense that enables them to interact with the world around them is vision. Ergo, visual stimulation plays a critical role in generating leads and then converting those leads into paying customers. 

how to create your own food ordering platform

Let your restaurant website be a visual feast for your potential customers to indulge. Hence you must use exquisite pictures and vivid descriptions to entice your customers into visiting your establishment. 

You can use more than just food images, you should also use graphics of your restaurant’s interior and location to help set the tone and build a subconscious ambiance for your potential customers. 

#5 Optimize Your Website For Mobile-First User Experience

According to recent estimates, nearly 51% of the global internet traffic is generated by mobile users around the world. Therefore if you use your website as an online food ordering platform then you need to make it optimized for a mobile-first user experience.   

A mobile-first design and development approach is radically different from a desktop-first approach as your priorities are different. Users on mobile devices are on the go, they are looking for efficient delivery and a seamless ordering experience. Hence your site’s speed performance and seamless functionality are two critical aspects required for our online success.   

Furthermore, make sure to reassess your mobile website’s online content compared to your desktop website. As not everything on your desktop website will fit on a mobile screen with limited resolution. Ergo, you must ideate, design, and execute your design for a mobile-first website independent of your desktop version. 

In Conclusion

Empowered with the above five-step checklist, you are guaranteed to be able to create websites that are functionally & visually brilliant! But you would be mistaken, to just stop there and not take your business to the next level by using strategic digital marketing to your advantage. Hence you must partner with an online marketing company to enable you to create a robust online presence!

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