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Posted on October 15, 2020

The Best Law Firm Website Design Trends That Own 2020!

Every business has a different requirement when it comes to establishing its online presence. Law firm websites, in particular, are a tough nut to crack as it takes a lot of experience to create a visually brilliant & functional robust website that not only invokes trustworthiness and confidence but also converts visitors into leads. But have you ever wondered how successful law firms conduct their website design and development?

Here is a comprehensive guide detailing the design trends you need to pay attention to in 2020:

5 Law Firm Website Design Trends That You Need To Know About In 2020!

Law firm website design and development trends to know in 2020!

42Works has had the opportunity to work with countless law firms over the years, which has enabled us to garner comprehensive insights into the niche. Here is our expert opinion on what are the crucial five website design trends that are taking the law firm website design & development in 2020 by storm.

#1 Adopt A Mobile-First Design Philosophy In Your Website Design And Development

Smart mobile devices constitute nearly 51% of global traffic on the web. Gone are the days when it was acceptable to not have a website that is optimized for mobile devices. In today’s time, a poorly designed mobile website does more harm than a badly designed desktop one.

Law firm website design and development trends to know in 2020!

So what should you do about it? Well, the first thing to do is to adopt a new mobile-centric website design and development approach. This change in design philosophy will enable you to layout all your design elements in a manner that is optimal for a mobile-experience.


A thing to remember while creating a mobile-first design experience is that screen-ratios vary wildly in smartphones. Hence, use adaptive technologies that allow your website to adjust its content for improved user experience.

#2 Optimize Your Home & Landing Pages

After working with over 300 esteemed law firms in the world, 42works gained a critical insight into what works & what doesn’t. For example, while home-pages and landing-pages might not hold relevance to many different businesses, for law firms, they are extremely crucial.

A law firm website is the online representation of their business. Hence they require astute attention to detail. Home & landing pages are essential as they are the first a potential client gets about the law firm.

A home page would be concise, informative, and visually captivating. Use ample amounts of expertise, client testimonials and case studies to establish credibility among your visitors. The right types of CTAs and their placement to catch visitor’s attention can be done only by a UI/UX expert.

Another thing to keep in mind while conducting website design and development, you should know what not to do. Visual clutter, complicated navigation, content stuffing are all things you should refrain from doing.

Law Firm Website Pages: A Website Design and Development Guide

In conjunction with the previous point, here are a few graphical examples of how you should you aim for your law firm’s website home and landing pages should look like:


Law firm website design and development trends to know in 2020!


Law firm website design and development trends to know in 2020!

#3 Create Content That Adds Value

A well-designed website has no value if it can’t generate leads and convert those leads into paying clients. Ergo, you need to put the impetus of creating a website that is not only visually stunning but also functionally sound.

Law firm website design and development trends to know in 2020!

A perfect example of that would be a website with great graphic design & robust development but paired with bad content. The content you have on your website plays a critical role in your online reputation buildup and how high your website ranks on search engines.

Therefore you must create content that adds value to your audience and readers and allows you to build your brand’s authority within your domain.

#4 Use A Minimalist Graphic Approach

Minimalism is your best friend when it comes to selecting your website design philosophy. Minimalist web design is naturally devoid of any complicated graphic elements that may end up creating visual clutter. A website designed on minimalistic principles tends to be more clean and crisp that allows it to robustly convey information.

As a law firm, your website’s goal is to not only generate leads but also establish your brand identity on the web. With a minimalistic design, you allow your visitors’ ample visual breathing-space that allows them to consume and convert more easily.

#5 Use Typography To Your Advantage

In the past, website designers used the Sans-serif font for websites as it looked better on lower-resolution screens. Now you are no longer bound by this outdated practice as screen resolution on digital devices has drastically improved over the years.

Today you must use typography to your advantage and use it to establish a perception of authority. Serif based fonts allow you to convey regal professionalism and increase your credibility through the use of dramatic yet classic fonts that grab user attention.

Some of the more popular fonts in the Serif family are as follows:

  • Abhaya Libre
  • Casino
  • Garamond
  • Freight Text
  • Tiempos Text
  • Minion

Our Take

Now that we understand the fundamentals of the top five design trends that dominate 2020, we must look inwards. The recipe for creating law firm websites might change from time-to-time, but the essentials remain the same. Your website is the cornerstone of your brand’s online identity. Hence it needs to excuse “trustworthiness, confidence, and experience” within your field.

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