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Posted on March 31, 2021

What Is Social Listening & Why it Matters!

Social listening as the name suggests is the process of gathering & analyzing conversations and trends happening on social media. In this practice, you not only pay attention to chatter about your brand but for your industry as a whole. The insights that you curate from social listening help you make better-informed marketing decisions.

Social listening is a procedure that enables you to better understand how your potential customers feel about you and the industry as a whole. Due to its holistic approach, social listening gives you a strategically wider perspective. 

As a result of this wider perspective into your industry and the mindset of our potential customers, you can take better decisions. For example, this perspective helps you create robust content marketing strategies, brand messaging, influencer campaigns, and propel your business’s brand identity! 

Why Should You Care About Social Listening? 

For the uninitiated, social listening might sound similar to social monitoring, but that would be a novice mistake. Social monitoring is the mere tracking of social media mentions, and overall conversations regarding your brand. On the other hand, social listening is the entire robust cycle of curation, analysis, and action on the insights generated to benefit your long-term.  

What Is Social Listening & Why it Matters!

Businesses need social listening, as it empowers you to create a brand identity that your customers interact with & engage with. Due to social listening, you’re empowered to create content without any inhibitions, as it allows you to understand what your potential customers want. Thus it also helps you in creating a superior customer experience and provides you with strategic insights that are quintessential for a successful customer strategy.  

Top Reasons Why You Need To Start Using Social Listening! 

A successful company must adopt a consumer-centric mindset sooner or later. Ergo, rather than using the trial & error method, you must use a more calculated and comprehensive method to understand what your customers need & want. Hence using “social listening” gives you an edge as it gives you the advantage of knowledge. 

What Is Social Listening & Why it Matters!

If you’re still not convinced why social listening is essential, here are the top three reasons you can’t do without it: 

#1 Customers Want To Be Heard 

Your potential customers are human, hence it is only natural for them to have an instinct of being heard on social media. 83% of consumers like a brand that is interactive on social media, (i.e. responds to questions). Nearly 68% of consumers feel more inclined to interact with brands that are highly active on social media. Hence it should be a no-brainer that being responsive on social media has a drastic impact on your bottom line. A whopping 48% of customers say that they would make purchases with brands that are responsive to their customers on social media. 

What Is Social Listening & Why it Matters!

The impact of you listening and responding to your potential customers on social media is as clear as a bright sunny day. But beware, responding doesn’t mean robotic ‘thank you’ messages filled with corporate jargon. You must always pay heed and provide responses with real value or else your customer will be disappointed.  

#2 It Helps You You Protect Your Business’s Brand 

Your business’s brand identity is more than just your company colors, slogans, logos, etc. It is a living entity that is constantly evolving. Hence the use of social listening helps you in keeping a track of everything. For example, how your business’s brand identity is evolving with time. For example, it is not uncommon for brands to face scandals or other public relations issues. Many businesses make the fatal mistake of ignoring social media outrage as hogwash, but you mustn’t make that mistake. Social media and public opinion have become extremely intertwined, hence neglecting one has a direct impact on the other.  

Ergo, in times like that, it is essential that you utilize social listening and understand how you must react to an adverse situation. By gathering, analyzing any event through the eyes of social media chatter you gain an unparalleled perspective. This perspective enables you to better understand the issue and respond in a manner that helps you salvage the situation. 

#3 Enables You To Discover New Opportunities

Keeping your ear to the ground is important. You must be listening to what your customers are talking about can be an excellent avenue of new opportunities. More often than not, your customers will be the first ones to notice. That something is not right and needs to be corrected.  When you have a significant portion of your customers complaining about a similar problem it can be a sign of improvement. Simply taking note of what your customers wants can give you a gist of what is working and what isn’t. 

What Is Social Listening & Why it Matters!

For example, if you’re a product-based B2C company then this insight is going to be extremely critical for you. Hence social listening empowers you to make better decisions regarding branding, production, design, etc. Conducting social listening might even introduce you to new opportunities that initially missed your radar. 

In Conclusion: Our Take 

Social listening is an essential part of maintaining your online brand presence on social media platforms. Gone are the days when you could survive on social media with just a page that was updated every fortnight. Now you must adapt to the new business environment and focus on a highly kinetic brand marketing landscape. Therefore, to take your business to the next level, you must utilize social listening!

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