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Posted on October 5, 2020

An Online Marketing Company Guide: What To Do When Your Website Has No Visitors?

A website is the cornerstone of a business’s online presence, while a good one can make a brand, a bad one can break it! You can create the best website on the entirety of the world wide web, and it would still fail to generate traffic marketed the wrong way. Hence it becomes critical for businesses to take a different approach to understand website creation & marketing. To gain unique visitors and increase traffic, you need to market your website better, and to do that, you need to think like an online marketing company.

To propel your website marketing forward, you must first understand what is holding it back. What are the common mistakes that stun the growth of websites? Once we know that, we’ll focus on what remedies you can use to rectify those mistakes!

What Are The Reasons For Low Website Traffic? – An Online Marketing Company Perspective

online marketing company guide to increasing website traffic

Before we delve deeper into how you can gain traction online for your website and increase traffic. We must first understand the common mistakes businesses make when creating their website and how it adversely affects them. Here are the five most critical and common mistakes people make that leads to a loss in website traffic:

  1. Bad UI or UX design
  2. Outdated or wrong information
  3. Broken backlinks or URLs
  4. Lack of bad on-page and off-page SEO
  5. No mobile-centric website content optimizations

Now that you are aware of the five common mistakes of website designing that lead to a loss in traffic. You must look at data through the perspective of an online marketing company and try to solve the crux of the issues vis-a-vie your website.

Online Marketing Company Guide: 6 Things To Do When Your Website Has No Visitors!

online marketing company guide to increasing website traffic

Now that we have an understanding of the common mistakes people make while developing their website, it is now time to remedy those mistakes. We will employ techniques that any good online marketing company would use to take your website from having zero traction to a thriving online presence.

Here are the top six technique that you must use to increase your website’s inbound traffic:

#1 An Online Marketing Company Guide: Use Strategic PPC Campaigns

Employing strategic PPC campaigns to rapidly expand your website’s reach and give it a boost is a tried and tested technique. When you are in the initial stages of crafting your brand, it will be excruciatingly difficult to grow organically.

online marketing company guide to increasing website traffic

Hence using some help by using paid marketing to your advantage can give you a slight advantage, which makes all the difference! The first and most important thing to remember when running paid ads is to remember your primary goal.

For example, your primary goal can be anything from getting more traffic to increasing lead generation and converting those leads better. When used strategically with a long-term plan, a robust PPC campaign can yield tremendous results.

#2 Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Creating a great website and not doing anything else is the cardinal sin many people make. You can just sit and magically generate traffic. You have to be proactive about it. Social media on that front is a tremendous tool that can be, used to your advantage.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter combined have close to 2 Billion+ Monthly Active Users. This gargantuan audience is readily available, and if targeted correctly, can generate a great amount of website traffic.

A great strategy is to create specific content for each of these platforms. While Twitter is great for cultivating a brand, Instagram and Facebook are more friendly if you want to increase sales in a B2C environment. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is a powerhouse in B2B marketing and generating extremely high-quality traffic and leads.

#3 Create Value-added Content

You can use social media and PPC campaigns to propel your website’s traffic; it would be of no use if your website has no brand credibility. That is where value-added content comes into play in the larger strategy to increase your website’s traffic generation capacity.


Creating good content that adds value to the consumer’s life is a great way of cultivating a brand presence on the web without spending a penny. A good, online marketing company understands that while PPC might give you a boost, there is no substitute for long-term organic marketing.

#4 Focus Towards On-page & Off-page SEO

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most critical aspects of a website’s traffic generation strategy. While social media, PPC, content, etc. will give you an edge, without SEO, you will never be able to sustain that edge long-term.

Optimizing your content for search engine algorithms is a quintessential practice that is far from being phased out. On a website, there are plenty of places that require serious attention in terms of on-page SEO. Start from individual pages and optimize their META-Data, form image Alt-tags to meta-descriptions.

On the other hand, don’t forget about off-page SEO as well, as there is no substitute for a robust backlinking strategy. While on-page SEO increases your traffic generation, off-page SEO allows you to increase your website’s credibility and rank higher and better on different search engine rankings.

#5 Improve Your Website User-Interface

Your website’s sole purpose is to cater to the needs of your users while upholding your brand’s identity. Hence a badly, designed website not only hampers your client’s user experience but also damages your brand image. Therefore you must create a website with a prime focus on having a seamless under-interface.

online marketing company guide to increasing website traffic

Optimize your website’s landing pages with CTAs, catchy headlines, and captivating visuals to entice your visitors. Make navigation from one page to the other a truly seamless process, and cultivate a browsing experience free from information overload and clutter.

#6 Cater To A Mobile Audience

The world wide web is going through a tectonic shift, in Q4 of 2018 mobile devices for the first time surpassed desktops as the single-largest devices on the internet.

online marketing company guide to increasing website traffic

Now close to 51% of the global internet traffic is generated by mobile devices all over the world. Hence it would be extremely short-sighted for businesses to create websites that are optimized for the mobile viewing experience.

A bad user-experience due to an unoptimized mobile user-experience can drastically increase your bounce rate. Hence it is imperative that an online marketing company understands change and with time embraces it, therefore thriving in a mobile-centric global web.

In Conclusion

In the end, the last thing to understand is that the internet is an extremely dynamic environment. It is in constant evolution. If you are a business, then it would suit you best to keep your ear to the ground. So that you can anticipate new trends emerging. If you catch the trends before the rest do, then lack website traffic would be an issue long-forgotten.

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